Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

A first impression doesn’t start the minute your client or potential clients walk through the door. It starts the second they pull into your parking lot.  Just like our new Day Porting Services maintains your parking lot our pressure washing services helps keep your concrete and building looking like new!

One of Facility Pros core services is our pressure washing services.  We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, or bi annual concrete cleaning service agreements.  See below for a more extensive list of our pressure washing services.

  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Structures
  • Building surfaces
  • Outdoor patios
  • Signage
  • Front entrances
  • Canopy’s

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Business/House Washing

Debunking the fear of pressure washing:

Can improper technique damage your home? The answer to that question is, YES. That is why our staff is highly trained and uses a soft washing method when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home. This soft washing method allows our soap solution to eat away and loosen debris that have adhered themselves to your home. As the debris become loose we are able to stand a safe distance from the affected area and use less pressure in the rinsing process. Essentially there is only an application and rinsing process when it comes to “pressure” washing your home.

Entryways, Decks and Patios

Looking to repaint your deck or simply improve its appearance with a good cleaning? Contact Facility Pros can take care of that. Remember that power washing is also your best friend come time to prepare your home or deck for primer, stain, and color. It dramatically reduces the time it takes to remove old paint and stain.

Concrete Cleaning

Keys to effective concrete cleaning:

  • Proper soap application
  • Proper equipment
  • Proper technique
  • HEAT!

Do you have concrete that is discolored? This is likely due to the amount of sun, moisture, and foliage the concrete is exposed to. You will be amazed how a simple cleaning can improve the appearance of your driveway, sidewalk, or patio.

Gum stuck to your sidewalk or driveway? Let Facility Pros come in with its industrial sized steam cleaner and pop that gum with ease!

Rust stains on your concrete? Rust stains penetrate deep into the concretes surface. With repetitive applications, rinses, and drying we can fade and even eliminate those nasty rust stains!