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Day Porting Services

NEW!  Day Porting Services Services

One of our newest and most popular services is our Day Porterservice.  Simply meaning we will perform service during the daytime to keep your building looking its best.  These services are completely customizable to suite your needs.

Window Cleaning Building

Window Cleaning

We have a team of dedicated team members who clean all of our glass.  We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual window cleaning plans.

Cleaning Crew

High Dusting

Having and maintaining a healthy work environment is a responsibility, not a choice.  High dusting is as important as having clean floors when it comes to your responsibility to provide a clean, healthy environment.


Post Construction Clean Up

After the construction of your project is 100% completed call us and ask about our post-construction cleaning services.  We will clean your space prior to you taking occupancy.

Commercial Cleaning

Special Event Cleaning

Having a special event?  Facility Pros can come in both pre and post event to keep the space clean.


Lawn Maintenance

Have a small amount of lawn that needs to be mowed? Or flower beds that need watering and upkeep?  Call us now to learn more about our lawn maintenance service.  Some of these services can be included as part of our new Day Porting Services!

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

De-icing Services
Environmentally Safe Options

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